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  Q: What is the work shoe standard - EN ISO 20345:2004 ?

  A: updated (09/02/2012)

This is a work shoe standard provided by the European Union. The code can be broken down into separate parts, as follows.

EN ISO 20345:2004

EN = European Union
ISO = International Organization for Standardization
20345 = Unique code for this standard
2004 = The year the code was created or revised

In the past decade, the EN ISO 20345:2004 standard was withdrawn and replaced with EN ISO 20345:2007 and then EN ISO 20345:2011.

The purpose of the EN ISO 20345 standard is to regulate and provide requirements for the manufacturers of safety footwear. The type of things covered in the standard are; toe protection from falling objects, midsole protection from sharp objects penetrating the sole, resistance to heat on the outsole, and water and oil resistance.


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