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Adidas Duramo: single piece moulded EVA slide sandals

The Adidas Duramo is part of the equipment's range of Adidas products, also referred to as performance products. As with other performance products, the Duramo is a modern Adidas design that was released after 1998. The Duramo is an entry level product - costing in the region of £15 - and is the cheapest pair of Adidas sandals that are currently for sale. The Duramo is designed for sporting use, rather than for casual wear, and Adidas market it for use after a workout routine in a gym or swimming pool.

Side profile of the black and white colourway for the Duramo slides. Front profile of the slides, showing the inner grooves within the sandals to provide grip. The adidas performance logo, printed on the midsole of the duramo.

The Duramo has a one piece design, that is 'fashioned' out of moulded EVA; EVA is short for Ethylene-vinyl acetate. EVA has many applications, due to it's: glossly appearance, low heat durability, stress crack toughness, waterproof property, and it's protection from ultraviolet radiation. The Duramo has grooves within it's footbed: the grooves provide grip for wet and sweaty feet. Likewise the Duramo features a textured sole to grip onto wet surfaces: making the slides suitable for wear at swimming pools. The footbed of the Duramo is moulded so that it provides: arch support, support for the ball of the foot, and the front of the footbed curves upwards to support the toes.

It should be noted that the Duramo is an entry level product, the strap is not adjustable - unlike with other Adidas sandals - and what you see is what you get. The Duramo, by default, is designed in men's sizing, therefore, some women have commented that they purchased a pair of Duramo that were a size or two smaller than their regular women's size. Due to the width of the men's fitting, and the fact that the Duramo does not have an adjustable strap, it makes sense that women order a lower size. However, it may be advisable for women to visit a store to buy Duramo's - ensuring the correct fitting - rather than take the gamble with an online purchase.