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Adidas D Rose: basketball sneaker endorsed by Derrick Rose

The Adidas D Rose is a series of basketball sneakers that are endorsed by professional NBA basketball player Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose is a Point Guard who has played professionally for the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls; he currently plays for the Bulls, and has played for them since 2008. In 2008, Rose signed his first shoe deal with Adidas, which was reported to be in the region of $1 million per year. Since then, Adidas have released a series of low-cut, mid-top, and hi-top basketball sneakers named the 'D Rose'. The following D Rose shoes are shown below: D Rose 3.5, D Rose 4.5, D Rose 5, D Rose 7, D Rose 773 and the D Rose Lakeshore. There has been additional Adidas D Rose - not shown below - such as the D Rose Englewood.

Adidas D Rose 3.5 Adidas D Rose 4.5 Adidas D Rose 5

Adidas D Rose 7 Adidas D Rose 773 Adidas D Rose Lakeshore

The earlier versions of the Adidas D Rose are not currently manufactured by Adidas; the Adidas D Rose 7 is still in production and costs in the region of £120. One of the signature details of the D Rose shoes is Derrick's personal logo; which can be viewed on the tongue of three of his shoes shown above. The logo has a 'D' in the centre of a swirling design. As you would expect from a basketball sneaker costing over £100: all the D Rose shoes have extensive ankle stability and midsole cushioning.