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Q: Stan Smith Cork is set to be released in 2016

AThe Stan Smith 'Cork' is set to be released in the spring of 2016. The Stan Smith is a classic Adidas tennis shoe from the late 1960's that classically has a green heel patch. The Stan Smith is Adidas' best selling shoe, and is often released in limited editions; such as the Cork edition. The Stan Smith Cork has a plain white upper and then a cork midsole, shown below:

Showing the cork heel of the stan smith limited edition for women.

The design of the Cork varies for each limited edition; the Stan Smith Cork has been released on a number of occasions, and the 2016 release will have a plain white leather upper and a black suede heel patch. The Cork of the 2016 edition is a light tan coloured cork with darker tan speckles. Cork has been applied to many products due to it's compressibility, buoyancy, elasticity, and protection against water and air penetration. Therefore, cork is an ideal material to use for a midsole; midsole's are designed to provide comfort and protection against injuries to feet, ankles and joints when walking/running/jogging. Cork should provide comfort while walking due to it's properties of elasticity, but it is unlikely that it can provide the same performance for athletcis and sports as modern midsole technologies.