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Adidas Conductor: basketball sneaker worn by Patrick Ewing

The Adidas Conductor is a basketball sneaker that was released in the late 1980's, and was worn and endorsed by Patrick Ewing - and other NBA players - during the 1987 NBA season. The sneaker was released for the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games; that shoe is shown below left. The sneaker is primarily viewed as the sneaker that Patrick Ewing wore; it is sometimes referred to as the Adidas Conductor "Ewing" sneaker. In the early 1980's, Adidas were endorsing the majority of the NBA's top players, but by the late 1980's Nike and other brands had 'stolen' a march and had attracted players like Michael Jordan to sign big money deals; Ewing was the last of the top NBA players that Adidas were able to endorse.

The Adidas Conductor high top basketball sneaker that was worn by teams at the 1988 olympic games. Re-issue of the 1987 version of the Conductor sneaker, that was worn by Patrick Ewing in the NBA.

The Conductor, like most basketball sneakers released in the late 1980's, is a bulky shoe that features extensive cushioning and cushion paneling. The Conductor is traditionally made with an all leather upper; some of the panels are fabric, but the vast majority of the shoe is made from leather. The midsole features EVA polymer cushioning, and the outersole is virtually flat; it curls at the toes. The Conductor is not currently in production, but it is re-issued periodically; such as the black and white version pictured right/above.