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Adidas Climalite: 'sweeps' sweat away from your skin

Adidas Climalite is another addition to the 'Clima' collection of trademarked fabric products. The name Adidas applies to 'Clima' products is fairly self explanatory: Climalite obviously being implemented in athletic apparel that is designed to be lightweight. That said, Adidas tend to market Climalite for it's sweat 'wicking' ability: Adidas state that the "fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin."

Adidas Men's Three Stripe Estro T Shirt Short Sleeved Tee Top Climalite, in Dutch orange.

Adidas Climalite products are designed for gym and outdoor athletic pursuits, such as : cycling, jogging, running, walking and rambling. Climalite products are functional and are therefore rather plain in appearance and design. The essential purpose of Climalite is keeping people dry and comfortable when physically exerting themselves, and is usually combined with flatlock seams to reduce chafing and skin irritations. The one drawback with Climalite is that it's a delicate fabric that cannot be ironed, tumble dried, or machine washed at over 30°.