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Adidas Climacool: running shoe with a 360º ventilation system (2002)

The Adidas Climacool is a running shoe that was released in 2002; the Climacool is a 'breathable' material that is made from a 'mesh' material for ventilation. The Climacool technology has been implemented into a range of Adidas shoes and apparel, but the original product is the Adidas Climacool running shoe (2002) that is displayed in the three images below. The Adidas Climacool (2002) shoe has an upper made from synthetic materials - mostly mesh - that's primary goal is to provide lightweight 360-degree cooling for both feet. The Climacool still retains Adidas' three stripes design and heel patch, but is no way resembles the design of previous Adidas running shoes. The Adidas Climacool (2002) has a Climacool wordmark placed on the shoe's tongue, and some modern versions of the shoe have a trefoil logo placed onto the heel patch. The Adidas Climacool (2002) is now referred to as the 'Adidas Originals Classic ClimaCool': to differentiate it from other shoes that use Climacool, and to notify that the shoe is now a part of Adidas' Originals collection.

The Climacool running shoes in green and black. The Climacool sneaker in a silver upper and dark blue stripes. The Climacool in a mesh upper with blue, black and yellow upper.

As has been stated, the Adidas Climacool technology is a breathable material that has been implemented into Adidas footwear and clothing: it provides a 360º ventilation system. Climacool is a registered trademark, and was released by Adidas in March of 2002. Climacool was originally implemented into Adidas sneakers: Adidas attempted to place as much Climacool material into the upper material of their new climacool sneakers as possible. Adidas marketed their Climacool products with the blurb "feel the breeze". Climacool is reported to have moisture 'wicking' fabrics: this technology attempts to remove sweat from the skin and extract and remove it through the fabric.

The 360º ventilation system, also referred to as a three-dimensional fabric, is implemented into specific 'hotspots': so that air can be ventilated between the skin and the fabric and can stop the fabric from sticking to the skin. It has been claimed that Climacool is a modified version of polyester, and the performance of Climacool material is due to the fact it is a polyester fibre. Some example of Adidas Climacool products are: Aeroknit Shorts; Tiro Training Pants; Condivo Training Pants; Leap Shoes; Fresh 2.0 Shoes; Sonic Boost Shoes; Supernova Tee Shirt; Tiro Drydye Jersey; Climachill Sonic Boost Shoes; Tastigo Graphic Shorts; Regista Jersey; and the Run Tank Shirt.