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Cleat-inspired Adidas outsole for maximum traction

Cleats are traditionally an outsole that feature rubber protrusions - in the UK, cleats are generally thought of as protrusions that do not extend out as far as studs and are usually designed for sports training - that provide grip / traction for hard and turf surfaces. Footwear with cleats are used in training and professional 'play' in many sports: hockey, gridiron football, golf, handball, squash, badminton, rugby, tennis, and soccer.

Cleats slash studs are protrusions that stick outside on the outsole of a shoe for grip.

The Adidas Spezial, shown above, was an official 'elite' level handball sneaker that Adidas describe as having a "cleat-inspired" outsole. What does Adidas mean when it says "cleat-inspired", your guess is as good as mine, but my speculation is that the outsole rubber protrusions are more extensive than on a generic Adidas sneaker, but it does not protrude as much as a shoe that features cleats, therefore being a compromise between a 'normal' training shoe and a shoe with cleats.