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Adidas Cancun: reissued with a pigskin suede upper

The Adidas Cancun is a shoe that is part of the 1980s footwear collection called the Island Series; as you would expect, each shoe in the Island Series in named after an island. Interestingly though, a question that is often posed about Cancun is whether it is an island or not. The answer that is usually given is that it is not an island: it's a city that is located on the the east coast of Mexico, on an area of the Mexican coast called the Yucatan Peninsula. However, some people have claimed that parts of Cancun are an island, and that they are only connected to the mainland through bridges. Whether or not Cancun is an island, what is not debated is the fact that it is an important and popular tourist destination. The shoes in the Adidas' Island Series are named after tropical locales, idyllic sun drenched tourist hotspots, and Cancun certainly fits that description.

Cancun with sesame night brown upper is reissued with a pigskin suede upper. Rear of shoe, with rubber cupsole with a translucent gum outsole.

The shoes in the Island Series are described as 'fashion wear' trainers: shoes that that are slimline - with a minimum of cushioning and therefore bulk - and plenty of style. The Adidas Cancun is not continually in production: it is reissued periodically, which keeps the desirability of the shoe high; the Cancun is viewed as a collector's item in the sneakerhead community. One of the latest reissues of the shoe is shown above: released with a pigskin suede upper that is dyed in 'sesame night' gray and features dark brown leather overlays. The shoe also features a rubber cupsole and a gum rubber outsole; there is little else - apart from the laces - as the shoe is designed to be stylish rather than functional.