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Adidas California: retro short sleeved t-shirt

The Adidas California is one of Adidas' most recognisable vintage short-sleeved t-shirts. Featuring the classic trefoil logo - the trefoil logo was released in 1971 and was used on all Adidas products until 1997 - on the front right breast of the t-shirt and the three-stripes design on the sleeves of the t-shirt.

The retro short sleeved tshirt, named the Adidas California. Close up of a blue version of the California t-shirt, showing the vintage trefoil logo. A white version of the California t-shirt, showing the three stripes design stitched onto the sleeves of the cotton t-shirt.

The Adidas California also features a crew neck design and sleeve cuffs. The Adidas California comes in a two-tone colourway, traditionally: black/white, navy/white, and white/black. The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton, and has a close-fitting skin tight design. The Adidas California was released in the 1970's when crew neck t-shirts were especially popular in the US; exemplified by John Lennon in 1970's New York:

John Lennon, wearing a crew cut t-shirt, that closely resembles the white Adidas California tshirt.

While Lennon's t-shirt was sleeveless, if it did have sleeves (some modern replica's of the John Lennon Come Together T-shirt (shown above) are sold with sleeves) it would closely resemble the white Adidas California t-shirt shown above.