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Q: Historical CEO list of Adidas

A Adidas were founded in 1949, and the company has a relatively short list of CEO's: due to the company being founded, owned and managed by Adolf Dassler for it's early decades.

Adidas were a privately owned company until it's IPO in 1995; the IPO was launched under the management of Robert Louis-Dreyfus. Therefore, it is debatable whether the previous CEO's of Adidas were referred to as a CEO; their official title may have simple been owner, chairman or president of the company. From 1987-1993, Adidas were without question in their most unstable period, and it's difficult to discover who managed Adidas from 1987-1989: as Dassler family members squabbled over management of the company, and oversaw mismanagement of the company. The Dassler family eventually sold the company to Bernard Tapie for around $300miillion; the company had lost over $70million in 1989. Robert Louis-Dreyfus and Herbert Hainer transformed the fortunes of Adidas, reinstating the company to one of the world's most successful and recognised sports brands. Rumours suggest that Herbert Hainer's reign as CEO is coming to an end: Kasper Rorsted is predicted to succeed Herbert Hainer as chief executive officer.