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Adidas Busenitz: skate shoe designed for skateboarding

The Adidas Busenitz is a shoe designed for skateboarding, and it is part of the Adidas skateboarding range. The Adidas Busenitz is named after the skateboarder Dennis Busenitz. Dennis Busenitz is a German professional skateboarder who was born in 1981; he is currently based in San Francisco, California. Alongside being sponsored by Adidas - for his footwear and clothing - Busenitz is also sponsored by: Spitfire Wheels, Volcom, Real Skateboards, Thunder Trucks, and the Utility Boardshop. Busenitz is classified as a 'street skater', his stance is described as 'goofy', and he is viewed as a 'pure skater'.

The classic gold lettering, displaying that these shoes are named after the skateboarder Busenitz. The Busenitz in sky blue suede, white stripes, a larger tongue, similar to the tongue on the super samba shoe.

The Adidas Busenitz is part of the Originals range of Adidas sneakers, and is released in a vast range of colourways. Even though the Busenitz sneaker is part of the Originals range of sneakers it is a modern shoe, and features modern technologies in it's design. The Busenitz sneaker features GEOFIT: which is a foam technology that adds comfort and support to the heel/ankle; over time the GEOFIT technology fits to the anatomical contours of the owners foot. Due to the pressure placed upon a skateboarders ankle and heel - from impacts - Adidas have placed nano cushioning into the Busenitz sneaker. The Busenitz sneaker features Adidas' vector traction and pivot-point rubber outsole: they provides grip, vital to skateboarding. The design of the Busenitz sneaker is based upon the Copa Mundial football boot; a football boot that was released for the 1982 FIFA World Cup.

The Adidas Busenitz contains the two most important features of a skateboard shoe: durability and cushioning. The upper of the Busenitz is made from suede: suede decays in layers and lasts far longer than leather and canvas. Suede is used in the majority of skate shoes: the upper of skate shoes is dragged along the surface of the skateboard to perform 'tricks'. Most skateboard shoe undergo similar impacts to basketball shoes: many tricks performed by skateboarders are jumps and the landing of tricks places a similar pressure on the foot as would a basketball player when landing from a jump shot or defensive jump.