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Q: Adidas Boston Super: released for the 1984 Boston Marathon

A The Adidas Boston Super was released to coincide with the 1984 Boston Marathon.

The Boston Super in a stonewash bllue colourway

The Boston Super was comprised: a suede and mesh super; it was light weight; features the classic three stripe design; and a solid rubber midsole and outersole. The shoe also features 'Boston Super' printed onto the middle stripe. The shoe shown above has a stonewash blue and dark slate colourway. The shoe is currently part of the Originals collection, and is periodically released for sale. The shoe may not be as iconic as the Stan Smith or Gazelle, but it still sells good enough for Adidas to release special editions like the "Fox Red" suede version. The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon event - inspiring other city wide marathon's like the London marathon - and attracts over half a million spectators every year. Geoffrey "Geoff" Smith (British) was the winner of the 1984 and 1985 Boston marathon, and his 1984 win was by a distance of four minutes from the second place finisher. Designing running shoes has always been a cornerstone of Adidas' business, and it should not be surprising that Adidas would market a shoe to honour the world's oldest annual city marathon.