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Biodegradable prototype shoe developed by Adidas

Adidas have developed a new prototype shoe that they claim is fully biodegradable. The upper of the shoe is made from a fabric named 'spider silk, a natural synthetic fabric that is developed by German company AMSilk; a company that produces silk biopolymers for use in textile products, medical products and cosmetics. The synthetic fabric used in the shoe is also described as a 'Biosteel fiber'; which is claimed to be the strongest natural fabric in existence. Adidas manufacture the shoe using their Futurecraft technology, and there is the possibility that the shoe will soon be available for mass production.

Biosteel fiber, used in the construction of the shoe, the material was developed by AMSilk manufacturing company.

Referencing their new prototype, Adidas VP James Carnes said: “a pioneering stride forward beyond sustainability, to redefine the sports industry.” It is certainly a novelty that a shoe can be placed in a compost bin and will biodegrade in the same manner as vegetable waste. Whether the shoe will capture the imagination of the public and will be practical enough for everyday wear only time will tell.