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Adidas Barricade: tennis shoe with side-to-side lateral support (2000-2015)

The Barricade is Adidas' marquee tennis shoe, and it has been used competitively by professional tennis players since the year 2000. The Barricade has been released in many versions - currently there are nine. The original pair of Adidas Barricade shoes were released in the year 2000; featuring a large toe guard and excellent side to side lateral support. The first version of the Barricade can be viewed below:

The original barricade tennis sneaker, released in the year 2000. Showing the sole of the first barricade tennis shoe ever released.

The following is a rough timeline for Barricade tennis shoes:

The Barricade has, by and large, retained it's design; although it has undergone a minor 'facelift' for each of it's versions. The images below show how the design of the Barricade has evolved since version 4.0:

Version four of the tennis barricade shoe Barricade Version 4.0

Version eight of the barricade sneaker for professional and tennis club play. Barricade Version 8.0

Version nine of the barricade shoe, which can be worn by club players and pro's like andy murray. Barricade Version 9.0

The Barricade has been packed full of trademarked Adidas technology, such as: ADIPRENE®+, TORSION® SYSTEM, 3D TORSION®, CLIMACOOL™, ADIWEAR™, ADIDRY™, and ADITUFF™. An explanation of these technology can be viewed on this website by browsing to the homepage and then to the technology section. Simple put, these technologies provide: midfoot arch support, shock absorption, heel cushioning, energy return for the forefoot, and durability. The design of the Barricade has always focused heavily on providing lateral (side to side) stability - due to tennis players stepping sideways - and the midsole / outersole is far wider than the upper of the shoe.

The Barricade has been worn by a vast array of professional tennis players; including: Marat Safin, Bryan brothers (doubles champions), Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray. The versions of the Barricade are sometimes marketed with additional branding text; such as: Barricade Team 4 All-Court; Adidas Adipower Barricade 8, or Barricade 9 All-Court. However, it is easier to identify the shoes by simple referring to them as Barricade 2.0 or Barricade 9.0, rather than searching for Barricade All-Court or Barricade Adipower. The Barricade has been released in special editions: such as the Barricade Stella McCartney and the Barricade Saksaywaman.