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Adidas Bamba: football / soccer training shoe

The Adidas Bamba is a football / soccer training shoe that is especially adapted for icy / frozen surface conditions. The rubber outersole of the shoe is formed with deep ridges to provide exceptional grip. The Bamba is also suited to flat indoor surfaces, and is often marketed as an indoor football training shoe. Whether the Bamba is used indoors or outdoors, the shoe provides excellent grip on flat man-made surfaces or on frozen ground.

The Bamba soccer training shoe in a black and white leather upper colourway. The Bamba in a suede upper, in dark and light blue, highlighting the outersole of the shoe which is designed for icy surfaces.

The Adidas Bamba is a modified version of the Adidas Samba; the Samba is also a football training shoe that was released in the 1950's and is Adidas' second highest selling shoe. The Bamba was released later, in the 1970's, and is viewed as the Samba's 'baby brother'. The main difference between the two shoe's is that the Bamba has a different outersole: with larger grooves for extra grip. The Bamba has been released in a leather upper with suede overlays, and a suede upper with suede overlays; both versions shown above. Neither the Samba or Bamba have been released in a wide range of colourways; the Bamba is only presently available in: black/white, navy and white/black colourway. The Bamba is a fairly basic shoe, harking back to the Samba's 1950's design, with a simple gum rubber outersole and a solid leather/suede upper.