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Adidas BSlim: hi-top sneakers with a canvas or leather upper

The Adidas BSlim is a hi-top sneaker that's name stands for 'Basketball Slim'. The BSlim has a retro design that is inspired from the hi-top sneakers worn in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. The Bslim has a 'thinned out' rubber sole, that gives the sneaker the appearance of a hi-top shoe worn by boxers and wrestlers. While the BSlim features the iconic Adidas three stripes design, it does not feature an Adidas logo (such as the Trefoil): this gives the sneaker the apperance of a retro sneaker: as the first Adidas (trefoil) logo was only released in the early 1970's.

The BSlim has a a light weight canvas upper with a suede overlay (for durability and stability), a mesh inner lining, the classic three stripes design (leather stripes), and a rubber cupsole. Due to the 'thinned out' rubber sole, there is no midsole cushioning in the BSlim; the shoe is a fashion sneaker rather than a genuine shoe for basketball play. The BSlim is a part of the NEO brand of Adidas products, and the NEO text is printed on the heel and tongue of the BSlim. The NEO brand is aimed at teenagers, and was launched in 2009; therefore, all NEO products were designed and launched from 2009-2015.

BSlim hi-top, in a canvas and suede upper, and is dyed/painted in a black and blue colourway. The Bslim hi-stop in the collegiate burgundy colourway; priced in the region of  £60-£80 when it is available. Neo brand name that is printed in dark red lettering on the rear of the Bslim hi-top sneaker.

At present, the two primary colourways for the BSlim are:

  1. core black / ash blue / pearl grey
  2. white / collegiate burgundy / matte silver

However, as with most Adidas sneakers, the colourways are altered over time: so that the sneakers can be released in a 'fresh' design and older colourways become rare, desirable and collectable.