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Adidas Attitude: basketball sneaker with perforated toe area (1987)

The Adidas Attitude is a basketball sneaker that was released by Adidas in 1987. The Attitude was endorsed and worn by professional basketball players in the NBA. Patrick Ewing began to wear the 'Adidas Attitude Hi' in 1986; in 1986 Ewing was the starting center for the New York Knicks. The standard colourway for the Adidas Attitude (shown below) is white/blue/orange; the same colours that the New York Knicks play in.

The Adidas Attitude was released during a difficult period in Adidas' history: Horst Dassler (CEO) died in 1987, signaling the end of the Dassler family control of Adidas, and the Nike Jordan basketball shoe was superseding the previous dominance/popularity of Adidas basketball sneakers. Throughout the 1970's and early 1980's, Adidas basketball sneakers - Pro Model, Top Ten and Forum - was the leading brand worn by NBA players.

Top view of the attitude, showing ample ankle support. Showing the rear of the attitude, with a huge orange trefoil logo. Side profile of the attitude shoe, showing it's classic 80's design.

The Adidas Attitude is traditionally released in a leather upper, and the leather is perforated around the toe area and in-between the three leather stripes. The EVA midsole of the shoe is over 1cm, and is wedge shaped: becoming higher at the heel to provide additional cushioning and impact protection. The outsole has 'flex' grooves inserted into it's pattern: which provides superior multidirectional grip on flat surfaces. The shoe only includes laces for fastening; some previous Adidas shoes included a velcro strap. The rear of the shoe features a large orange trefoil logo; one of the largest trefoil logo's printed on any Adidas shoe.

The Attitude is currently part of the Adidas Originals range of heritage sneakers; it is no longer worn by professional basketball players. The shoe is periodically released by Adidas. Adidas have recently (2012) collaborated with American fashion designer Jeremy Scott; he became Moschino's Creative Director in 2013. Jeremy Scott used the Adidas Attitude in some of his Adidas shoe designs; such as: JS Wings 1.0; JS Wings 2.0; Shark Flame shoes; and Wings Floral shoes.