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Adidas Ashington: trainer that honours Sir Bobby Charlton

Adidas are releasing a limited edition trainer to honour Sir Bobby Charlton: the trainer is named the Ashington and will be released on the 27th of October. Adidas have not, as of yet, indicated how many pairs of Ashington's will be for sale, the only current information is that the trainer will be for sale at the Manchester United Megastore in Manchester. The Ashington is part of the Adidas Originals collection (heritage products) and is similar in design to shoes in the City Series (released in the early 1980's, it was a series of shoes named after prominent European cities). It is perhaps of no surprise, judging by the shoe's inspiration (City Series), that Adidas decided to name the trainer after Charlton's place of birth rather than after the man himself. The shoe's upper is leather, and the heel tab (not shown in the below image) features a devil with pitchfork logo; Manchester United being nicknamed the Red Devils.

A limited edition shoe that has been designed to honour Sir Bobby Charlton, a former star football player with Manchester United in the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's.

As stated, the trainer is named the Ashington because Bobby Charlton was born in Ashington, Northumberland, England (in 1937). Bobby Charlton is arguably England's greatest football player: having won the World Cup in 1966 with England, and the European Cup in 1968 with Manchester United. Bobby Charlton played his whole career at Manchester United, having survived the Munich Disaster in 1958, his final match was played against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Since retiring as a player, Bobby Charlton has served on the Manchester United board, and was a keen supporter of Alex Ferguson; which was required when Ferguson struggled during his early tenure at the club and was on the brink of being sacked.