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Q: How did Armin Hary enrage Adolf and Rudolf Dassler?

A It occurred during the 1960 Rome Summer Olympic Games, officially titled as the "Games of the XVII Olympiad", where he won the gold medal for the 100 metres dash. Armin Hary competed for West Germany; the result of the 100 metres final was as follows:

  1. 1st: Armin Hary (West Germany)
  2. 2nd: Dave Sime (United States)
  3. 3rd: Peter Radford (Great Britain)
  4. 4th: Enrique Figuerola (Cuba)
  5. 5th: Frank Budd (United States)
  6. 6th: Ray Norton (United States)

In 1960, Adolf Dassler owned and managed Adidas, and Rudolf Dassler owned and managed Puma; incidentally they were former business partners and brothers. The Olympic Games was always the primarily sporting event that both brothers sponsored athletes to promote their footwear. During the 1960 Olympic Games, Armin Hary was wearing Adidas shoes, but before the final demanded payment from Adolf Dassler: who refused. This resulted in Armin Hary wearing Puma shoes during the final. The twist, however, is that he decided to wear Adidas shoes on the medal podium - hoping to earn payment from both Dassler brothers - but managed to enrage both brothers so that they banned him from wearing their shoes.