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Adidas Allegra: shoe made for runners who overpronate (1993)

The Adidas Allegra is a shoe that is designed for road running, and is manufactured to help runners who overpronate. The Adidas Allegra was released in 1993, and is still for sale as part of the Adidas Originals range of footwear. The Allegra uses the Torsion System to counter overpronation; overpronation is when the foot rolls inward and places additional weight on the inside of the foot. Overpronation can cause the following injuries: shin splints; anterior compartment syndrome; plantar fasciitis; bunions; and achilles tendonitis.

Runners who do not underpronate or overpronate are safe to wear a wide range of footwear, but people who underpronate or overpronate need a shoe with structured cushioning. The centre picture (below) shows that the midsole of the Allegra is large, providing ample cushioning, and the midsole is slightly larger on the inside of the shoe; the part of the foot that is impacted by overpronation.

Men's allegra shoe, used for road running. Rear of a purple ladies allegra shoe. Side profile of a womens allegra shoe that is used for jogging on roads and tracks.

The Adidas Allegra features the following: Torsion System to provide midfoot support; heel height of 1cm; lace-up fastening; textile, mesh and suede upper; EVA cushioned foam midsole; fabric satin inner lining; and rubber outsole and toe guard. The Allegra is a multi-coloured shoe that has an elaborate colourway; some colour combo's for the Allegra are: Black / Bluebird; Purple / Deep Purple / White; and Yellow / Black / Olive. The Adidas Allegra is still for sale, and is priced in the region of £50-£70.