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Alexander Wang to collaborate with Adidas

Alexander Wang, self confessed 'sneakerhead', has agreed to collaborate on a fashion range of apparel and footwear with Adidas. Alexander Wang is currently one of the hottest properties in the fashion industry, a graduate from the Parsons School of Design (New York), he has released a whole fashion range based around sneakers. He has confessed that the traditional white-and-green colourway of the Adidas Stan Smith is his favourite sneaker; which happens to be the best selling sneaker that Adidas has ever produced.

Alexander Wang, American fashion designer, based in New York, and self confessed Sneakerhead.

Wang will be releasing an Adidas Originals fashion range - the Originals collection features heritage products and products based on heritage designs - but he has promised to 'deconstruct' the traditional Adidas design. While Wang wants to change the way his Adidas products look, so they appear "fresh", he also wants to keep them recognisable Adidas. Wang released his first fashion label at the age of 21, named 'eponymous', and has been credited as being one of the industries most productive designers. Wang has admitted to being influenced by urban 'streetwear'; something that I am sure had not gone unnoticed by Adidas' creative director Nic Galway. Adidas, since their collaboration with RUN DMC in the 1980's, have tended to market their brand in North America with a distinct urban / hip-hop theme.