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Q: Is Adidas a aktiengesellschaft?

A That's correct, Adidas is a aktiengesellschaft: which means it's a German corporation that has a share ownership and these shares can be traded on a stock market. Adidas was not always publicly listed company, it was family owned; by the Dassler family. Founded by Adolf Dassler as Adidas AG on the 18th of August 1949, Adidas was managed by Adolf (Adi) from the 1950's to the 1970's. Upon his death, the company was managed by his wife, and by their son on her death. However, the management of Adidas ran into trouble when the son (Horst) died suddenly in 1987. The shares of Adidas were divided amongst numerous members of the Dassler family and they did not agree on how the company should be managed. This eventually resulted in the Dassler family deciding to sell their share holding in the company to Bernard Tapie. This led to further turmoil when Bernard Tapie nearly bankrupted Adidas. Adidas shares are currently listed on the "Deutsche Börse" stock exchange in Frankfurt. Over the past ten years, the Adidas AG share price has steadily grown: in 2006 the shares were trading at 40 euro's and present day (2016) the shares are selling for 100 euro's.