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Air mesh: Adidas upper fabric for maximum breathability

Adidas use a fabric named 'air mesh' in some of their running shoes; such as the Duramo 7. Mesh is a fabric that is similar to a spiders web: overlaid strands of fabric that are woven together that allows air to pass through the gaps in the strands of the fabric. Air mesh has larger holes placed within the fabric: which means more air can pass through the fabric and allows for maximum breathability. Adidas use mesh and air mesh in the upper of their running shoes. Due to the flimsy nature of mesh, it requires overlays - such as plastic overlays for the Duramo 7, shown below - that are placed on top of the mesh at strategic positions; such as the midfoot, heel and toes.

Air mesh upper in the Duramo 7 running shoe, which provides maximum breathability.