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Adidas Adissage: slides / flip flops with an adjustable strap

The Adidas Adissage is a unisex sandal that is categorised by Adidas as 'slides', and by other portals as flip flops. The Adissage is sold with a range of footbeds: the two most popular being a Ultrafoam+ footbed and a massage nub footbed. The Adissage slides feature a similar design to the Adidas Santiossage slides: featuring a prominent strap that has the Adidas performance logo printed upon it.

Adidas Adissage with Ultrafoam+

One of the more modern Adidas sandals, and is in light blue, with a velcro strap. The Ultraform footbed providing cushioning, and nubs in it which massage the foot after a sporting workout.

Adidas Adissage with massage nubs

The sideview of the slides, which is painted in black, and has white stripes and performance logo. Massage hubs to relax the foot after a long workout in the gym or swimming pool.

The Adissage sandal has been released in a unisex, women's and men's version. While the Adissage may appear to have a velcro strap, it infact has a hook-and-loop adjustable strap. The women's version of the Adissage has been released with a different strap design, compared to the straps shown in the images displayed above. The Adissage has been released with two different footbeds: one with massage nubs and the other featuring Ultrafoam+ cushioning.

The Adissage is designed with a flat heel, has an injected EVA outsole for improved cushioning and comfort. The Adissage is made from lightweight and quick drying design synthetic materials: that are ideal for wet surfaces and wet feet. The Adissage has an open toe design and is described as a slide or a slip-on sandal. The Adissage comes in a range of colourways, such as: navy blue, black, red, and light blue. The Adissage also features the following colours for the logo: solsli, neirme, croyal, broyal, solar blue and pink.