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Q: Adidas Adipure Primo: training shoe with sculpted EVA midsole

A The Adidas Adipure Primo is a training shoe that can be used in a variety of sporting and athletic disciplines.

Primo training shoe with a Sculpted EVA midsole for cushioning. The three stripes, in black fabric, stiched onto the upper of the Primo training shoe. The Reinforced toe section of the shoe, that increases the durability of the shoe.

The upper of the Adipure Primo is an "air mesh" fabric; the majority of Adidas' new running and training shoes features "air mesh": a fabric that allows the foot to breath by air entering small holes within the fabric. The far right image (shown above) highlights the reinforced toe of the Adipure Primo; this section of training shoes is often the first part that falls apart, with the toe fabric separating from the midsole. The reinforced toe of the Adipure Primo aims to increase durability by ensuring that the toe section of the fabric upper does not touch / rub the ground. The sculpted EVA midsole is deeper than those found in most Adidas shoes: it helps provide maximum comfort and cushioning to ensure the risk of injury when training is at a minimum. The rubber outsole has flex grooves to improve grip on indoor surfaces and non marking rubber to protect the appearance of indoor surfaces - gyms, squash courts, badminton courts etc.