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Adidas Adilette: the first Adidas sandals, released in 1972

The Adilette is the first sandal manufactured by Adidas, and they were originally released in 1972. The Adilette features an orthopedic rubber sole, and contains contours to support the heal and foot arch. The synthetic materials used in the Adilette make it quick drying: ideal for changing rooms, swimming pools and seaside locations. The strap is glued to the side of the footbed. The Adilette is currently for sale in vast array of two-tone colourways: dark red / white; white / black; dark blue / sky blue; black / yellow; red / white; and blue / red.

Example of a pair of Adidas sandals, in the classic Adidas blue, with their three stripes fold over. The Adilette in a range of dark blues, showing the front profile of the classic design of the footwear.

The Adilette in dark red, showing the outersole of the sandal which needs sturdy grips to keep people safe on wet surfaces. Side view of the sandals in white, with black stripes on the strap to keep the feet in place.

Adidas founder, Adolf Dassler, designed the Adilette sandals for athletes and sportsmen to wear in the changing / locker room; rather than as beachwear. Adolf Dassler believed in “form follows function”, and therefore, made the Adilette to be functional footwear rather than fashionable. However, due to the genius of Dassler, he simultaneously managed to make the Adilette functional and fashionable, and the most stylish sandals released by any sportswear brand.

The Adilette was originally released in a navy blue and white colour scheme - which can be viewed above - but, has subsequently been released in a wide range of colour schemes. The strap of the Adilette features the classic Adidas three stripes design; which makes the sandals recognisable as Adidas footwear, even though they did not originally feature the trefoil logo. In modern versions of the Adilette the trefoil logo is discreetly placed on the side of the midsole; the logo is painted in the same colour as the midsole, so it difficult spot with a cursory glance.

The Adilette sandal has been in production for over forty years, and continues to be manufactured and sold by Adidas. The Adilette is not the only sandal manufactured by Adidas: Adidas have released the following sandals: Adissage, Santiossage and Duramo. The Adissage and Santiossage feature more technology than the Adilette - such as massage nubs - that aim to make the sandal more functional and comfortable, but, these sandals struggle to compete with the classic design and style of the Adilette and will not appeal to fashionista's like the Adilette does.