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Adidas Adicolor: sneaker that features customised concept art

Adidias Adicolor was a product that was originally released by Adidas in 1983. Adidas sneakers were popular with hip-hop musicians in the 1980's - , like RUN DMC - and Adidas became the most popular urban sportswear brand worn. Due to the popularity of street art - more commonly referred to as graffiti and 'tagging' - in the early 1980's, Adidas released a shoe that could be customised with street art by it's owner. Adidas hoped that the sneaker would be popular with urban and suburban teenagers.

The name of the sneakers was the Adidas Adicolor: the Adicolor was a plain white sneaker - similar in design to the Stan Smith sneaker - that was sold with paint brushes, acrylic paint, and a sealant (used once the painting had been completed). The original Adicolor product was a moderate success: due to the difficulty of designing a fashionable upper. The Adicolor sneaker was re-released by Adidas in 2005, but, it came with the artwork already printed upon the sneaker; an example of Adicolor sneakers is shown below:

Adicolor Sneaker and Paints from 1983

The plain white hi-top sneaker that was released in 1983. Adicolor paint can, in black, that was used to paint the plain white sneaker. The adicolor marker pen, that was used to do intricate designs and lettering on the blank canvas of the 1983 shoe.

Modern Adicolor Sneakers

Adicolor sneaker, released in 2005, and has artwork printed on the side of the sneaker. The Adicolor Centurt has a vivid green customised design with pink laces for fastening.

While some owners were capable of customising the original Adicolor sneakers with interesting artwork, for the mass market, most customers probably had difficulty in not making a mess of their new sneakers. Therefore, it is not surprising that Adidas released the new Adicolor sneakers with the artwork already printed upon them. The Adicolor comes with a canvas and a leather upper; it doesn't come with a suede upper, because suede is a difficult material to print artwork upon. The modern Adicolor sneaker is a basic shoe - with a design similar to the Adidas Superstar - and apart from a synthetic midsole and the three stripes design, there is little in the way of cushioning or technology.