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Adidas Adi-Ease: board-gripping vulcanised outsole 'skating' shoe

The Adidas Adi-Ease is a skateboard shoe - somewhat reminiscent of the design of a traditional boating shoe - that features a vulcanised outsole to improve the durability and strength of the shoe.

Basic designed skateboard shoe, with a flat sole to increase grip on the board. Showing the vulcanised rubber outsole of the shoe, improving durability and strength.

The Adi-Ease is priced at around £35-55 - depending on the size of the shoe - which makes the shoe competitive in price to other 'skate' footwear brands; skateboard shoes tend to be more expensive than casual shoes due to the fact the durability of the shoe needs to be higher and therefore the quality of the shoe's construction and materials needs to be improved.

The price of the Adi-Ease is lowered due to the upper being made from canvas and not suede; suede is the traditional fabric used in skate shoes: due to it's durability and scuff resistant texture. However, due to the size of the Adi-Ease's midsole/outsole, the upper of the shoe may be protected more than with other Adidas skate shoes, like the Busenitz. The shoe does feature a leather heel overlay - it's in grey in the above shoe - that helps to protect the canvas upper. Due to the shoe's price-point, it is a fairly basic shoe without the features of more expensive Adidas skate shoes, but, it's classic design silhouette should ensure the shoe is popular for casualwear as well as for skating.