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Q: ASV Herzogenaurache: the football club supported by Adidas

A Herzogenaurach is a small German town located in Bavaria. Herzogenaurach is famous for being the home of Adidas and Puma. The two companies are located on opposite sides of Aurach River, and they have managed to split loyalty amongst the town's inhabitants. Herzogenaurach is also home to two football clubs: ASV Herzogenaurache and FC Herzogenaurach. Historically, FC Herzogenaurach is the club supported and sponsored by Puma and ASV Herzogenaurache is the club supported and sponsored by Adidas. ASV Herzogenaurache was founded in 1919 as 'Sport Club Arrow'. The club was linked to unions and the 'workers' of Herzogenaurach, which led to club being closed by the Nazi's in the 1930's; due to the possibility or belief that the club had links with communists. When the club was reestablished after the Second World War it was renamed to ASV Herzogenaurache; it's current name. Sponsorship of ASV Herzogenaurache and FC Herzogenaurach - by Adidas and Puma - occurred in the 1960's, and it eventually led to FC Herzogenaurach having their nickname changed to 'The Pumas'. Famous players who played for the clubs include Lothar Matthaus (FC) and Gunter Guttler (ASV). ASV Herzogenaurache greatest success came in 1974: when they won the Amateurliga Bayern (Bavarian championship). ASV currently play their matches at the ASV Sportplatz, and have youth teams ranging from ages: U7, U8, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19. So, while ASV Herzogenaurache has close links with Adidas, and has been sponsored by them, the club is not owned by Adidas and cannot be viewed as 'their club'.