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Adidas AR-D1: canvas upper sneakers

The Adidas AR-D1, sometimes referred to as the Adidas ARD1 or ARD 1, has been described as a basketball-inspired sneaker; due to it's similarity to the Converse All-Star. The shoe also has a similarity to sailing and skateboarding sneakers: due to it's flat vulcanised sole and round toe.

ARD1 canvas upper shoe, dyed green, with white stripes and on the midsole. AR-D1 a flat sole canvas shoe, with a black upper and then blue edging around the tongue and  where the foot enters.

While the AR-D1 traditionally has a canvas upper, it has also been released with a PU-coated leather upper, but, every version of the shoe, be it canvas or leather, features the classic Adidas perforated 3-Stripes; giving the shoe an authentic Adidas design. Due to the shoe's traditional design, it is a part of the 2016 Adidas Originals Collection; the Originals Collection are heritage Adidas products or modern Adidas designs inspired by heritage sportswear. While a vulcanised sole provides more 'feel' it's usually at the expense of cushioning; this is also the case with the AR-D1, but it does feature a lightly cushioned insole for additional support. Adidas have described the AR-D1 as "geared for style", making the shoe more suitable for casual/fashionwear rather than for the basketball court.