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3 Streifen The Brand - Die Weltmarke Mit Den 3 Streifen

The following text is printed onto a range of Adidas products: "3 STREIFEN THE BRAND", which is German for: "3 Stripes the Brand". The text is most commonly located on the tongue of heritage Adidas shoes; for example, the Adidas Hamburg sneaker shown below. The text is often accompanied with the following: "DIE WELTMARKE MIT DEN 3 STREIFEN", which translates into English as: "The Global Brand with the 3 Stripes".

3 STREIFEN THE BRAND is text that is printed onto branding of adidas products like the Adidas Hamburg shoe.

The 3 Stripes branding design that Adidas uses on the majority of it's products was not created by Adidas, they purchased the design from Karhu Sports in 1951. Adi Dassler saw the 3 Stripes branding used by athletes wearing Karhu footwear and eventually agreed a fee of around 1600 euros and 2 good quality bottles of whiskey; the actual fee may have been a little bit more or less, but it was certainly a shrewd purchase by Adidas founder Adi Dassler. Karhu Sports developed a 'M' logo design to replace the 3 Stripes, and it is still in use.