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Adidas 350: urban trainer designed for the 'streets'

The Adidas 350, also referred to as the Adidas AS 350, is a modern trainer but is a part of the Originals collection; trainers that are vintage designs or are inspired by Adidas' vintage shoes from the 1950's to the 1980's. Adidas state that the design of the Adidas 350 has been inspired by the Adidas Pitch trainer, and has been 'remade for the streets'. The design of the Adidas 350 is similar to most skateboard shoes: a large midsole to offer impact cushioning, a flat outersole to provide maximum surface grip, and a durable pigskin nubuck upper. The Adidas 350 comes with both a leather and a suede/nubuck upper; though the suede/nubuck colourways are more extensive.

This black pigskin nubuck version of the modern by inspired by history adidas 350 shoe that has a classic minimalist look.