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Q: Year that Adidas was incorporated (founded): 1949

A It is often asked what year was Adidas incorporated by it's founder Adolf Dassler: the year was 1949. The German word for an incorporated company is a Aktiengesellschaft (AG), and it is a corporation that is limited by share ownership; the equivalent is a limited company in the UK. Therefore, Adidas, in business circles, is usually referred to as Adidas AG. The term ' Aktiengesellschaft' is also used in the following countries: Austria, France, Switzerland, and South Tyrol. Adolf Dassler previously managed the Dassler Brother shoe factory with his brother Rudolf; after falling out with Rudolf, Rudolf founded RUDA (PUMA) in 1948 and Adolf founded Adidas in 1949. Adidas is named after Adolf "Adi" Dassler: Adi+Das. What else occured in 1949?: in South Africa Apartheid was made an official policy of the National Party of South Africa; NBA National Basketball Association was founded in the USA; Porsche badge is released in Germany and Switzerland; George Orwell's 1984 novel is published; and the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG, Bundesrepublik Deutschland) (West Germany) is established.