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Q: 100 days free returns:

A The Adidas UK webstore, located at the domain address, currently has a 100 days free returns offer. This means that customers can order Adidas products, try them on at home to see if they fit and are in the correct colours, and then decide whether they are suitable or not. Returning an order is free, and can be returned within 100 days of when the order was received by Adidas. Orders generally take 1-3 working days for Adidas to ship; so, a customer should have up to 97 days to return the order. However, returns are currently shipped overseas to Germany, so, you do not want to wait too long: it will probably take 3 working days (potentially longer) for Adidas to receive the product through the post, and you may exceed the 100 days if you wait too long. Customised products take longer to ship, and cannot be returned. Adidas state you need to return the complete order for them to refund the delivery costs, and their quality assurance team will inspect the order to make sure the products are in good enough condition to be eligible for a refund.