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Adidas Busenitz Pure Boost Special Edition: 10-year anniversary shoe

Adidas have released a new shoe to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their partnership with Dennis Busentiz. Dennis Busentiz is a professional skateboarder, and he has promoted and endorsed the 'Adidas Skateboard' division by competing in his signature Adidas Buzentiz skateboard sneaker.

Celebrating 10 Years of Dennis Busentiz with the Adidas sportswear brand Close up of the tongue, the shoe Adidas Boost technology create energy returning properties

The Adidas Busenitz Pure Boost Special Edition is shown above: it features the same upper/tongue design as the generic/signature Busenitz, the difference between the Special Edition and Standard Edition: is that the Special Edition has the Pure Boost midsole technology. Pure Boost™ is a trademarked technology that Adidas claims transfers energy back to the users foot: Adidas claim this provides a dynamic skateboard ride that is also comfortable. The Busenitz Special Edition also features: soft inner lining; flat laces to improve 'grinding'; pre-formed moulded tongue; heel protector / stabilizer; rubber outsole with a grid structure to improve grip; and a black premium suede upper with gold detailing.